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High Country News February 07, 1994


Can she save ecosystems?

New Fish and Wildlife Service Directory Mollie Beattie wants to restore agency's integrity and purpose.

Northwest is asked to give up 18 dams

Oregon Natural Resources Council wants 18 dams destroyed to save Northwest's salmon.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Board meeting in Boulder, visitors, correction about Comb Wash and Eddie Dutchie.


Idaho group takes over some public land

Jon Marvel of Idaho Watersheds Project outbids ranchers for grazing lease on state land.

Babbitt has a bad day in New Mexico

Bruce Babbitt tries to preach consensus to ranchers and environmentalists at star-crossed meeting.

Wyoming county tries to put itself on the map

Campbell County, Wyo., plans coyote shoot as tourist attraction.

Baca at the barricades

Jim Baca faces removal as BLM director.

Babbitt takes a fall

Bruce Babbitt considers expansion of road through national monument.

Can this mixed marriage work?

Bob Budd will manage Red Canyon Ranch for The Nature Conservancy.

Timber industry mounts an offense

Timber industry finances campaign against Option 9.

Texan fights out-of-state wastes

Save Sierra Blanca fights waste disposal from other states in Texas.

A battle for turf on a flat-top mountain

Forest Service seeks to limit all-terrain vehicle access to Colorado's Grand Mesa.

Judge tells wilderness outfitters to decamp the Frank

Forest Service bans outfitter camps in Idaho's Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

Book Reviews

Taking back Santa Fe

Take Back Santa Fe group wants to rein in runaway development.

Slip sliding away

International Erosion Control Association plans conference.

Agriculture in the round

Agricultural Outlook Forum set for Denver.

Idaho's unsettling sediment

Government study shows Idaho's Lake Coeur d'Alene contaminated by mining sediments.

Join the eagles

Klamath Basin Bald Eagle Conference planned.

Wanted: Wild poets

Poetry contest sponsored by Utah Wilderness Association.

Canyonlands backcountry plan

National Park Service wants to restrict camping.

Cow stomp and more

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to sponsor conference for anti-grazing activists.

Work for (a) change

Review of Making a Change: A Student Guide to Social Change Internships in the Northern Rockies.

Related Stories

Why care about a snail the size of pinhead?

Excerpt from Mollie Beattie speech to Natural Resources Council of America.

Agency ends cattle grazing at Idaho refuges

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ends grazing at two wildlife refuges

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: A chronology

Chronology from 1885 to 1993.

Recycling cans changes an industry

Recycling aluminum cans saves electricity and makes aluminum plants more marginal.

Damnable dams

A list of 18 dams Oregon Natural Resources Council would like to see eliminated.

Some dams self-destruct

Some dams will be easy to get rid of.

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