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Environmentalists show their elitism

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I am writing to congratulate Ray Ring on his analysis of the Libby disaster and how it relates to the environmental movement (HCN, 2/21/05: Where were the environmentalists when Libby needed them most?). He has unearthed the arrogance and elitism that are so pervasive in the "environmental activist" movement. It’s easy to fight "evil" corporations whose activities can easily be demonized as "destruction." It’s another matter entirely to face individual people who are suffering because of environmental irresponsibility.

I believe many (not all) in this movement have an elitist attitude toward members of the general public. They believe members of the public have no concept of what is best for the land, earth, or much of anything else. I am a consulting environmental scientist. My job takes me to the working end of environmental issues — cleaning up messes, developing solutions, and dealing with people often scared out of their wits by environmental messes. The people of Libby were loyal to those who paid their bills. They share this with environmental activists. They have very divergent mission statements, but both work for money.

Pat Seccomb
Butte, Montana

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