Ski snow won't be yellow on San Francisco Peaks

  I was disappointed to read the advisory that we keep our eyes peeled for yellow snow on the ski slopes because the Coconino National Forest has approved the use of treated wastewater for snowmaking at the Arizona Snowbowl ski area (HCN, 3/21/05: Arizona returns to the desert). Statements like these perpetuate misunderstandings about reclaimed water.

Flagstaff uses over 500 million gallons of reclaimed water each year for irrigation of recreational areas and public landscapes.

Flagstaff’s reclaimed water is rated Class A+ by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the highest quality of reclaimed water possible. Should snowmaking become a reality, it is difficult to believe that we would see yellow snow on the slopes of the Arizona Snowbowl.

Celia Barotz
Flagstaff, Arizona