Bush, Cheney, and the Three Stooges

  The non-factual letter by Undersecretary of Interior Rebecca Watson was typical BushCO arrogance (HCN, 2/21/05: HCN has it wrong on Bush). The HCN rebuttal was excellent. Here are five concrete examples of the Bush assault on public lands:

  • 1. The unrelenting, diabolical intent to drill the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

  • 2. Gale Norton’s clear privatization agenda for public lands. The new RAT (Recreation Access Tax) legislation, replacing "fee-demo," is an unconscionable scam.

  • 3. The Roadless Area Conservation Rule. After 600 public meetings and 1.8 million comments overwhelmingly in support of protecting the remaining 58.5 million roadless acres on the national forests, BushCO has worked frantically since 2001 to eviscerate and overturn the rule.

  • 4. Colorado’s White River National Forest Land Management Plan. This well-crafted plan for the nation’s most heavily used recreational forest was five-plus years in the making, had 14,000 public comments, and was scientifically sound. Then, a cretin of an Agriculture undersecretary summarily threw the plan in the ashcan — public input ignored and millions of taxpayer dollars wantonly wasted.

  • 5. The Bush push to drill the 40,000-acre Valle Vidal in northern New Mexico. This high-elevation valley is home to the largest elk herd in the state, clean water and quality fisheries. All of this would be liquidated for a 30-hour supply of natural gas!

  • No thinking American should believe a word that Rebecca Watson, Gale Norton, or Mark Rey utters. Bush/Cheney and the Three Stooges do not have a "mandate" to destroy our precious common natural heritage.

    Scott Phillips,
    retired Forest Service professional
    Hailey, Idaho