HCN wants more drought?

  I was startled, shocked, and horrified at the final sentence of the Editor’s Note (HCN, 1/24/05: Who'll Stop the Rain?). Does the publisher really hope that a severe drought becomes more severe? A more severe drought could have devastating effects on people’s lives, perhaps causing famine and death.

Do the people of the West need to live with less water than they currently use? I believe most definitely yes. Will water managers and water consumers change their habits without a severe consequence hanging over their heads? I believe probably not. Do I want the current severe drought to get worse to teach them a lesson? That is like hoping that the tornado tears up someone’s home for daring to live in Tornado Alley, or that a tsunami washes thousands of people to their deaths for daring to live so close to the sea.

Paul Flatt
Boise, Idaho