Oregon votes for fairness

  Oregonians still have a reverence for Oregon’s features and future. What they signaled by passing Measure 37 is that they demand a government that is fair (HCN, 11/22/04: In Oregon, a lesson learned the hard way).

Part of the problem is that land planners and environmental activists are never satisfied. The result is incrementally increasing burdens that eventually block all use of the land. With overlapping land-use districts, drainage basin districts, forestry districts, historical districts, view shed restrictions, special exception requirements, etc., it’s a wonder anyone knows what is going on. You can hardly blame people for acting to protect their economic interests when the government failed to do its primary job of protecting lives and property.

I hope that Oregon uses this opportunity to resolve issues that should have been considered up front. Across the country, jurisdictions have copied Oregon’s pioneer land-use laws. I hope they adopt this amendment as well, because a good environment populated with people with hard feelings can hardly be called a success.

Ray Hyde
Ashby Glen Farm
Delaplane, Virginia