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High Country News December 06, 2004

Where Do We Go From Here?


Where do we go from here? Taking the West Forward

HCN lays out the West's 10 most critical issues and the paths toward positive results on everything from energy development and drought to federal agency practices and endangered species.

Editor's Note

Looking outside the box

In this issue, High Country News ventures outside its usual box to look at 10 serious issues facing the West in the next four years

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Visitors; Terry Tempest Williams speaks at Florida university after all; correction

Uncommon Westerners

Transforming the Forest Service: Maverick bureaucrat Wendy Herrett

Wendy Herrett, a woman with "the heart of a warrior," braved discrimination to become the first female district ranger in the Forest Service and a pioneer in ecosystem management


Old-growth sales end in courts

A judge rules against a plan to salvage-log old-growth wood from the Timbered Rock Fire in Oregon, and the ruling could affect other proposed fire sales in old-growth forests


California Gov. Schwarzenegger won’t fight for roadless rule; California Attorney General Bill Lockyer blasts Forest Service revision of Sierra Nevada plan; Arizona Water Settlements Act gives water and money to tribes; Lincoln County (Nevada) Conserva

Californians put their money where their meter is

A new California law requires all homes in the state to use water meters by 2025

A problem any city would love to have

Boulder, Colo., is trying to figure out how to keep its beloved parks and open space from being overused


Book Reviews

Toxic waste, tainted justice

The Ambushed Jury by Wes McKinley and Caron Balkany tells how the federal government covered up nuclear crimes at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant outside Denver

Grand plan for Grand Canyon

The National Park Service has released a new draft management plan and environmental impact statement for the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon


Brace yourselves for the counterrevolution

Don’t worry so much about what President Bush will do to the environment; worry instead about the three new justices he might put on the Supreme Court

Together, we cross the fence

A biologist ponders the fences that block us and the labels that brand us, and says we are going to have to learn to trust each other if we want to get anything done

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Man vs. rattlesnake; corporate crime in Wyoming; nasty ads in Colorado; "Defense of Heterosexual Breeding Coalition"; "Mesa Mom" feeds and comforts college kids; and bear breaks into SUV

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