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High Country News August 16, 2004

Journey of Rediscovery


Journey of Rediscovery: The living, breathing natives who made Lewis and Clark

For all the heroism of their achievement, Lewis and Clark would not have survived without the help of the many Indian peoples they encountered across the West

Editor's Note

Commemorate or celebrate?

In this issue of High Country News, four essayists take a thoughtful look at the Lewis and Clark expedition and its impacts – past and present — on Indian America

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Blake Chambliss walks for affordable housing; visitors; farewell to Charlie Butcher; corrections

Uncommon Westerners

Taking the load off the environment

Jonathan Fox-Rubin believes his western Colorado company, Fiberforge, holds the key to creating an environmentally responsible car


Feds pass roadless headache to states

The Bush administration gives governors 18 months to ask the Forest Service to protect roadless areas in their states, but the states will have to pay for the costly and complex petition process


More than 33,000 fish died in Klamath River in 2002; Bill Barrett Corp. gets go-ahead for seismic testing near Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon; Building 771 at Rocky Flats demolished; Kennewick Man will not be reburied

National parks pinching pennies

Former Park Service workers say the agency is being hurt by budget cuts, but that employees are under orders from headquarters to hide the problems

Park police chief canned for candidness

U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chambers is reprimanded, and then fired, after she speaks openly about the Park Service’s budget problems

Truce holds on the Platte River

In an effort to avoid litigation, environmentalists and farmers come together with federal and state agencies to address a wildlife crisis on the Platte River

Court says Yucca Mountain design unsafe

Yucca Mountain’s 10,000-year safety standard is ruled arbitrary by a federal court, but the Energy Department remains determined to open the site as planned

Tribes turn out to vote

The Indian vote could decide tight races in this year’s elections, including contests in key Western states


California tribes fight California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger over gambling; Vice President Cheney requires loyalty oath at speech; Brian Schweitzer campaigns for Montana governor’s office


'Conservation' strategy is a wolf in sheep's clothing

The Bush administration’s doublespeak on roadless areas may alienate one of its constituencies: the hunters and anglers who love our wild country

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Forest Service fire liaison busted for tossing cigarette butts; Interior decorator Gale Norton; horse slasher; cell phones vs. snakes; neighborhood with the slurry on top; tough on crime at Yellowstone; and Bonner County, Idaho, is quiet

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Lewis and Clark: Just another cog in the wheel of history

Lewis and Clark did not visit an unchanging, pristine West, but an evolving landscape that had been shaped by Indian peoples for thousands of years

Bicentennial bash is more than a party for tribes

Tourists following the Lewis and Clark Trail may not get the eager welcome from Native Americans that they’d like

We are the story, this time

An American Indian journalist covering the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial begins to wonder if anything has changed in the relationship between white and Native Americans

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