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High Country News July 19, 2004

They're Here: Global Warming's Unlikely Harbingers


Global Warming's Unlikely Harbingers

Mountain pine beetles are attacking more forests and more varieties of trees — and thriving at higher elevations than ever before — and some scientists believe global climate change is at the root of the problem

Editor's Note

The people who care about HCN

This issue features three pages of letters from readers, weighing in on High Country News’ editorial approach to the Bush administration’s environmental policies

Hot Times - Global Warming in the West

Global Warming is showing up in the West, in everything from receding glaciers to shrinking pika habitat

Dear Friends

Dear friends

HCN’s summer visitors; corrections; Canyon Country Zephyr and Four Corners Free Press thrive

Uncommon Westerners

Scientific Principle: Klamath whistleblower throws in the towel

The biologist who blew the whistle on the National Marine Fisheries Service over Klamath River fish kill, resigns from his agency to protest the triumph of politics over science.


Supreme Court reins in citizens' right to sue

A recent Supreme Court ruling in a Utah wilderness lawsuit will limit the ability of citizens to sue the government over how its agencies manage natural resources


Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility for West Jordan, Utah, lumberyard arson; Nuclear Regulatory Commission won’t listen to concerns about New Mexico’s proposed uranium-enrichment plant; warm waters in the Klamath may cause huge fish kill

BLM gags an archaeologist to get out the gas

BLM archaeologist Blaine Miller says that a slew of new oil and gas projects could harm spectacular Indian rock art and ruins in Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon

Wanted: Leak-proof dumps

Because arid Wyoming built landfills without liners, at least 21 of the state’s dumps are now leaking dangerous chemicals into groundwater

Mowing down pollution

California tackles air pollution caused by gas-guzzling power lawn mowers

Timber company collides with gas drillers

Conservationists have struck a deal with Tembec Inc., a progressive Canadian timber company, to protect land west of Glacier and Waterton Lakes national parks from coalbed methane drilling

Drilling done right?

Ted Turner's Northern New Mexican Vermejo Park Ranch is a showcase for "responsible" gas development, but critics fear the neighboring Valle Vidal won’t get the same five-star treatment.

Of global warming and White House elephants

The Bush administration needs to start dealing with global climate change, and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may help to point the way


Book Reviews

King of Fish, Slave to Man

In King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon, David Montgomery documents the death of Atlantic salmon, and points out that the same threats and challenges face salmon recovery around the world

Oceans need a sea change

New reports from the United States Commission on Ocean Policy and the Pew Oceans Commission agree that America’s oceans are over-fished, polluted, and in desperate need of new management policies


Roadkill is a right and a privilege, and don't you forget it

A judge’s ruling proves you can get a free lunch – at least, if you live in northern Idaho, and you like to eat roadkill

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Masai warriors meet Arizona ranchers; Cosimo Cavallaro’s hammy art; anti-gambling protest gets nasty; in wealthy Teton County, Wyo., Jackson’s Tiki Taxi thrives; Newsweek’s strange idea of "budget travel"; mountain biker vs. mountain lion; and Great Salt

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Life cycle of a bark beetle

Graph and photos show the life cycle of the bark beetle

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