Be afraid of Bush, be very afraid

  The letter from Lynn Scarlett and Rebecca Watson sparked a discussion with my husband about the return of the Robber Barons aided by the Bush Administration’s undermining of many environmental laws and policies (HCN, 1/19/04: Coming soon to a wilderness near you). Our conversation ended with a comment by my husband that really hit me hard: "Bush is trying to get elected for another four years, so he’s probably been holding back. Can you imagine what he and his administration will do when they don’t have to worry about re-election?"

Rally everyone you know to VOTE in November to remove President Bush and his administration from office. Vote for representatives at state, local, and national levels on a pro-environment platform and break the Republican/big corporation stranglehold on our government. If Bush wins in November: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Deb Essen
Victor, Montana