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Overpopulation affects everything

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I have just rejoined the Sierra Club so that I might support Richard D. Lamm’s bid for a seat on its board of directors. His position on the immigration/population issues is unassailable (HCN, 2/16/04: Why I'm running: Immigration is the environmental issue).

The fact that overpopulation’s looming threat to environmental health is worldwide should not deter us from facing the issue squarely in the United States, nor should accusations of racism shut down the conversation.

And no, Mr. Cox, overpopulation/immigration policy is not a "narrow interest." It affects electrical power consumption, animal welfare and environmental health.

If you want action, a national policy debate and visibility, by all means aim for a high-profile organization like the Sierra Club. Skittish politicians will only do so much.

Cleo S. Bennett
Emmett, Idaho

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