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High Country News November 24, 2003

New Mexico goes head-to-head with a nuclear


New Mexico goes head-to-head with a nuclear juggernaut

Los Alamos National Laboratory is booming, revitalized by a new era of weapons development – but the state of New Mexico wants the lab to clean up its old Cold War-era messes before it starts making new ones

Editor's Note

A defensive island

Los Alamos National Laboratory needs to be open with the public about the messes it has made, in order to ensure that the public health is protected


Our publicly owned forests are being subverted

President Bush is carrying on a stealthy assault against our national forests

Butte ponders the power of Evel

Notorious daredevil Evel Knievel is the star of Butte, Montana’s "Evel Knievel Daze," but not everybody in his hometown looks up to him

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

HCN meets a lot of old friends at the Headwaters Conference; notes and corrections


Voters swipe at sprawl

A 10-year-old plan to build a controversial expressway through Petroglyph National Monument hits a "stop" sign, when Albuquerque voters refuse to pay for it


Fish and Wildlife Service biologists in talks with Army Corps over Missouri River; Wyoming rancher Frank Robbins holds protest rally; "Volunteer Grazing Permit Buying Act" in Congress; and Interior ordered to pay tribes $2 million to make up for drilling

A mountain town considers going ‘micropolitan’

A proposed expansion of Telluride’s mountain airport could change the Colorado ski town forever, and not all the locals want that to happen

Mixing oil and water in the Lone Star state

West Texans are concerned about a planned water deal that would raise money for the state’s schools, but impact scarce groundwater, springs and wildlife as far away as Big Bend National Park

Logging faces new pollution controls

A recent court ruling and a new California law could curtail stream pollution by the logging industry

State struggling to keep up with CBM

A state task force says pollution regulations for coalbed methane wells are severely under-enforced in Wyoming

Whirling disease hits Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park’s cutthroat trout, already threatened by illegally introduced lake trout, are now facing increasing danger from whirling disease

Moving the cheese to New Mexico

Local opposition caused a major cheesemaker, Glanbia Inc., to build a new cheese plant in Clovis, N.M., rather than expand its Twin Falls, Idaho, plant– but the Idaho Legislature is making it harder for citizens to fight against huge dairies

Book Reviews

The BLM is blowing in the wind

The Bureau of Land Management is studying the prospects for developing wind energy on Western public lands


Road ripping

In his book, No Place Distant: Roads and Motorized Recreation on America’s Public Land, David Havlick looks at the environmental impacts caused by the roads that crisscross our national forests, parks, wildlife refuges and BLM lands

Six Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them

In Six Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them, Mark Jerome Walters says that modern "ecodemics" like mad cow disease and Lyme disease can be blamed on human meddling with nature

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Mountain lion kittens in trouble; Despair, Inc.; escaping buffalo in Great Falls; high country nudes in Issaquah; and Boo Boo Blodgett wins the Rez Car Parade

Related Stories

Atomic comics

Historian and professor Ferenc Szasz says comics were used to reassure the public about nuclear issues during the 1940s and ‘50s

Cold War workers seek compensation

Former employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory are seeking information about and compensation for serious health problems caused by their work with radiation and other toxic materials

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