Don't dump on tourists

  Those who blame tourism for dissolving ties in small towns and increasing living costs are on the wrong track, say some planning experts. It's "the real estate community that is corrupting towns," said Myles Rademan, public affairs director for Park City, Utah, at a Telluride, Colo., summer travel symposium. Other panelists also targeted escalating real estate prices for forcing out old-timers from the community they'd helped create, reports the Telluride Times Journal. But few ideas emerged to halt the erosion of small town values. Telluride collects a 3 percent real estate transfer tax to make growth pay for its impacts. But that creates little incentive to slow fast turnover of resort property. Real estate tax revenue now funds some 14 percent of Telluride's $11 million budget for 1994, according to Kevin Swain, the town's financial director.