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High Country News September 15, 2003

The West's Biggest Bully


The West’s Biggest Bully

Radio shock jock John Stokes wants to scare environmentalists away from Montana’s Flathead County, but his bullying tactics have led instead to increased unity among his opponents and quiet conservation progress

Editor's Note

A shock to the system

Montana’s Flathead Valley shows how environmentalists can work together – even work with their opponents – to get things done in a climate hostile to conservation


The Devil’s Highway was a road to God’s Country

U.S. Route 666 is having its number changed to appease those who fear the number 666, but the author remembers the road with fondness, and fears its link with the Mother Road, Route 66, will now be lost

Writers on the Range

From Washington, D.C., comes a new spoils system

Through its push for privatization, the Bush administration is quietly engineering a corporate takeover of the federal government – one that will have harsh consequences for land management, national parks, scientific integrity and workforce diversity

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Nancy LaPlaca is HCN’s new marketing association; visitors from HCN’s past; potluck in Moose, Wyo.


Burning one for the road

The Earth Liberation Front takes credit for vandalizing Hummers and SUVs at Southern California car dealerships, and an SUV-owners’ group says environmentalists are to blame


Navajos shortchanged by oil and gas companies; Department of Homeland Security buys Playas, N.M., as training ground for response to terrorist attacks; Earthjustice sues to get details on Interior Secretary Gale Norton’s anti-wilderness deal with Utah Gov

Delta beast rears its head

The Interior Department is considering restarting the Yuma Desalting Plant, and environmentalists fear the plant’s salty runoff could destroy Mexico’s Cienega de Santa Clara – the Sonoran Desert’s largest wetland

Sin City keeps its fringes wild

Las Vegans rally to fight a prominent developer’s plans for building on Blue Diamond Hill, a former gypsum mine that now serves as a buffer between the city and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Toxic waste looms over village

A pile of toxic waste rock is moving dangerously close to Questa, N.M., while the mining company, Molycorp, and the state slowly work out a reclamation plan

Showdown at the Four Corners

Plans to expand Four Corners National Monument onto the Ute Mountain Reservation are being held up by the state of Colorado, which refuses to join Arizona, Utah and New Mexico in paying its share of the money

Couple buys state land to block development

Peter Lawson and Anne Wilson buy 1,280 acres of Utah state school-trust land to save Mary Jane Canyon from development

Hatchery runaways add to concerns about fish farms

Farm-raised Atlantic salmon have escaped into Scatter Creek near Olympia,

Book Reviews

Being rich isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

A report from the Center of the American West -- What Every Westerner Should Know About Energy – explains why the West is stuck in the middle of the nation’s energy fight


Yellowstone’s grizzly stalker

Grizzlies in the Mist by Chuck Neal is an idiosyncratic look at the great bears of Yellowstone, combining scientific background and personal anecdotes with a strong conservation message

Another roadside detraction

New studies from the University of California at Davis show that roads significantly promote the spread of invasive, exotic weeds

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

What would Jesus – or Jesus Rivera – drive?; driving a "Tango;" cross-dressing in the Old West; nasty amoebas in Yellowstone’s hot pools; boom-bust in Colorado ski country; state fairs worry over lamb-tail removal

Related Stories

Conservationists work on cooperation

In Kalispell, Mont., veteran journalist Ben Long now works to bring local conservationists together to reframe the environmental debate in the Flathead Valley

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