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High Country News September 01, 2003

Courting the Bomb


Courting the Bomb

The hardscrabble desert town of Carlsbad, N.M. – already home to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant – is brushing aside the fears of environmentalists and arms-control advocates in its eagerness to host the Bush administration’s planned new nuclear bomb fac

Editor's Note

The return of the Nuclear West

Those who thought the West’s nuclear role would wind down with the end of the Cold War are facing a brand-new nuclear age, one that is being created behind closed government doors where few questions are asked


The best little radio show in the West

Radio High Country News is fondly remembered, along with the brilliant and crazy people who made it possible

The EPA needs an urban pit bull

Putting Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency is like using a goldfish to guard a junkyard

Like Paul on the road to Damascus

An encounter with Alaska’s Gwich’in people years ago convinced the writer to give up his truck and take personal responsibility for the environmental and cultural destruction caused by consumerism

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Farewell, Radio HCN; and Farewell, radio staffers Adam Burke, Krissy Clark and the recently arrived Maria Schell


Mr. Middle Ground gets called to Washington

Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, R, is President Bush’s pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency, and some environmentalists fear he will prove little more than a yes-man


Interior Department’s top lawyer, William Myers, under investigation for conflict of interest; Kane County, Utah, goes after BLM road signs; pro-property rights Paragon Foundation joins enviros in fighting to protect New Mexico’s Otero Mesa; and compromis

In fire’s aftermath, salvage logging makes a comeback

Despite the warnings of scientists who say it’s a bad idea, the Bush administration is eager to log trees burned by the Biscuit Fire in Oregon’s Siskiyou National Forest

BLM sinks local input to drill Roan Plateau

In Western Colorado, locals burned by the oil shale boom 20 years ago are dubious about planned natural gas drilling on the Roan Plateau, especially since the BLM unexpectedly dropped their favorite plan

Bush administration stretches a lawsuit to get the cut out

The Bush administration plans to more than double the amount of logging in public forests west of the Cascades in Washington, Oregon and Northern California

Feds to Energy Department: Slow down

Three federal judges, ruling in three environmentalist lawsuits, tell the Department of Energy that it has to be more careful with nuclear waste

State land no longer just for the cows

The environmental group Forest Guardians outbids a rancher to gain control of a grazing allotment on state school-trust land in Arizona

Developer tries to make a killing off the Black Canyon

Colorado developer Tom Chapman is marketing an inholding in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, advertising it online on eBay while the federal government scurries to meet his price


Book Reviews

Digging through the dust of Libby

Journalist Andrea Peacock chronicles the tragic story of Libby, Mont., and its betrayal by the W.R. Grace Corp. in Libby, Montana: Asbestos and the Deadly Silence of an American Corporation

A peek over the edge

Plundered Promise: Capitalism, Politics, and the Fate of the Federal Lands by Richard W. Behan is a provocative travel guide to the corporate take-over of the public lands under the Bush administration

NEPA gets short shrift in the courts

A recent study by Defenders of Wildlife documents the Bush administration’s unprecedented rollback of the National Environmental Policy Act

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Boy Scouts with hatchets and heavy equipment; vanishing Lake Powell; speaking ill of the dead in New Mexico; Forest Service suspends supervisors for centerfold displays; suspicious of the Declaration of Independence in Flagstaff; and a Montana stoic adapt

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Building a new bomb factory could cause global aftershocks

The Bush administration’s plans to build a new factory for nuclear bomb triggers could spark a brand-new arms race, critics say

Rocky Flats, the sequel?

The Department of Energy says any new nuclear bomb factory will be safer than Rocky Flats, but critics have their doubts

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