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High Country News August 18, 2003

Where the Antelope (and the Oil Companies) Play


Where the Antelope (and the Oil Companies) Play

In Wyoming’s Upper Green River Basin, a natural gas boom is threatening pronghorn antelope and other wildlife, and some Pinedale-area residents are beginning to fight back

Editor's Note

Gas, the clean energy?

Americans need to acknowledge all the costs of oil and gas drilling before we blithely flip the light switch or start the car

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Harold Schoeffler visits from Louisiana; more visitors; new Webmaster Paolo Bacigalupi


Energy bill will likely boost drilling in the Rockies

The West is likely to be the loser under the new energy bill just passed by Congress


Salt River Project pulls plug on Zuni strip mine; three dams to come down on Northern California’s Mokelumne River; Forest Service burns through firefighting budget; and Karl Rove pushed Interior to give Klamath River water to irrigators

Trouble over the Badlands

In South Dakota, Oglala Sioux activists from the Pine Ridge Reservation are fighting for full control of the southern half of Badlands National Park

Former employees blow the whistle on Nevada mine

Two former employees say they were fired by Newmont Mining Corporation for blowing the whistle on pollution and other problems at the Lone Tree gold mine near Winnemucca, Nev

Groovers required for Deschutes boaters

Overnight boaters on the lower Deschutes River in Oregon need to pack out their waste, the BLM says

More helicopters to buzz Glacier Park

Park managers plan to increase the number of agency helicopter and airplane flights over Glacier National Park this summer

Book Reviews

A tale of tough women walks out of the past

In Bold Spirit: Helga Estby’s Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America, author Linda Lawrence Hunt celebrates a Norwegian immigrant’s 1896 journey across America in an attempt to save her family homestead

A fire maverick is resurrected

Forgotten Fires: Native Americans and the Transient Wilderness, a controversial and thought-provoking 1954 study by Omer C. Stewart, has been rediscovered and republished


Film sheds light on sacred spaces

In the Light of Reverence: Protecting America's Sacred Lands, produced and directed by Christopher McLeod, exposes the obstacles American Indians face when trying to protect their sacred places


If you’re not outraged, you’re not a true optimist

Some folks say environmental activists are depressing pessimists, but it actually takes an outraged optimist to bring about needed change

Everyone needs a place apart

Watching his children discover nature on the family’s land in central Montana, the writer remembers his own childhood special places on a Connecticut beach

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Sen. Larry Craig plays petty politics with the Air Force; robbery in Aspen; Phoenix is too darn hot; Idaho newspaper takes on fee demo program; Montana anglers take on Huey Lewis; and chickens slaughtered in California wood chipper

Related Stories

Gas crisis puts Rockies in hot seat

The nation’s increasing demand for natural gas is going to hit hardest in the Rocky Mountain West

The Red Desert braces for a gas boom

The Red Desert and Jack Morrow Hills of Wyoming are at the center of industry’s ambitious plans to extract natural gas and coalbed methane

In the rush to get out the gas, wildlife gets short shrift

Responding to pressure from the oil and gas industry, the Bush administration further relaxes BLM wildlife regulations

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