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Mountain bikes rule!

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The time has come to let all the little Tilley-hat-wearing granolas give their heads a shake. Mountain bikes are the best form of transportation ever invented and have less impact on the environment than hiking boots (HCN, 3/3/03: Let bikers in, and we'll stand behind wilderness). They also have less impact than horses and hunters who go to slaughter defenseless animals in these wilderness areas. Hell, if you want to ban mountain bikes, let’s make all the hikers go barefoot without the aid of their mechanical aids, manufactured shoes! It would also be nice to see one hiker doing trail maintenance in a lifetime, as most are sanctimonious luddites who probably can’t figure out how to shift gears or use brakes.

Wilderness: the land of no use, until George W. gets his mitts on it.

Grant Lamont
Whistler, Washington
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