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High Country News March 17, 2003

Bracing against the tide


Bracing against the tide

On the coast of British Columbia, tribes, fishermen and environmentalists are fighting the spread of Atlantic salmon farms, which they fear could have catastrophic effects on already endangered native salmon runs

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Fear and loathing in HCNland: Readers react to HCN’s planned redesign


States crack down on wildlife cruelty

Westerners are becoming more concerned about incidents of cruelty to wildlife, but laws against such acts remain inconsistent in the region

The Latest Bounce

Money is coming in for Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park & Baca National Wildlife Refuge; studies show cumulative impacts of oil development on Alaska’s North Shore; EPA ends water studies at Denver’s Lowry Superfund site; General Accounting Offic

Taosenos take on Wal-Mart

Residents of Taos, N.M., are battling over Wal-Mart’s plans to build a Supercenter store

Water face-off in Fresno

Fresno, Calif., is fighting a federal ultimatum that would make the city bill residents based on how much water they use

Parasite could help save salmon

Listing lampreys under the Endangered Species Act could help preserve habitat for salmon

<I>Horse Whisperer</I > wins a round in natural gas fight

Montana rancher Buck Brannaman talks about the fight he and his wife, Mary, have been waging to protect their land from exploitation by an energy company

Dredging plans stall on the Snake River

A controversial plan to dredge the Snake River west of Lewiston, Idaho, has been stalled by a judge – for now

Looters sneak into monument

Vandalism and pothunting seem to be on the rise in the recently created Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in southwestern Colorado

Coastal open space gets a boost

The 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch on the Northern California coast may be protected from development by a land trust

Short Takes

"Connecting Through local Foods" conference; Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival; Arkansas River Basin Water Forum; National Planning Conference; "Where lies the future of the Northern Plains?" essay contest

Book Reviews

Backcountry adventure in the comfort of your living room

Don West’s Have Saddle, Will Travel: Low-Impact Trail Riding and Horse Camping is a rambling meander through mountains and mesas that should please both horseback riders and armchair adventurers

White House record on rollbacks

The Natural Resources defense Council examines the Bush administration’s environmental record in the grim but necessary report Rewriting the Rules: the Bush Administration’s Assault on the Environment

Tangled up in blue

Ellen Meloy’s memoir, The Anthropology of Turquoise, explores her life in the Southwest through the metaphor of color

Does your representative make the grade?

The League of Conservation Voters rates congressional members’ records for better or worse in its annual National Environmental Scorecard


Fish farms challenge our commitment to the wild

The spread of farmed Atlantic salmon along the coast of British Columbia may impact more than native salmon and local communities; it could also harm our commitment to saving endangered species and their habitat

Of Western myth and jackalopes

One of the West’s funkiest icons, the jackalope, was born in Douglas, Wyo., in 1932, the creation of the late Douglas Herrick

Engagement in a time of terror

In troubled times, with war on the horizon, the author turns to writer Wallace Stegner and his wise and compassionate widow, Mary Page Stegner

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Vive la France!; anglers block fish contest; Libertarians are coming; ski industry vs. climate change; ski industry and big bucks; outdoor Internet; slamming Seattle; hot water & hot girls at the EPA; and Colorado Central knows its duct tape


American culture is doomed by growth

American culture is doomed by growth

Ranching is preventing sprawl

Ranching is preventing sprawl

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Are you gonna eat that?

So-called "fresh Atlantic salmon" may have as many dicey impacts on consumers’ health as it does on native salmon

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