Darwinism on the Klamath River

  Dear HCN,

I have seen several articles in your paper regarding problems with water on the Klamath River (HCN, 10/28/02: The mesasge of 30,000 dead salmon). All of the articles fail to mention just how much water is running into the lake behind the dam. The dam was built to store excess water for human use. To try to make up for a water deficit by releasing stored water is a mistake. I believe that during the drought, the flow out of the dam and into the river should match the flow into the lake behind the dam.

That way the fish will get exactly as much water as nature provides for them. If there is excess water it would go to the farmers. If the lake runs dry, then both the farmers and the fish will suffer. This allows the fish (and the farmers) to get a better grasp of Darwinism and the law of the jungle.

Rodney Eveland

Gillette, Wyomin