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High Country News March 23, 1992

Special issue: An alternative to the bumpersticker approach to grazing


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A neighborly approach to sustainable public-land grazing

An experiment is under way in Oregon that may be an alternative to all-out war over use of the public lands.

Ranching's charismatic reformers

In Oregon, Doc and Connie Hatfield combine ecology, politics and marketing to strengthen the economics of ranching.

Wilderness and cattle don't mix

The leader of the Oregon Natural Desert Association explains why participation in grazing-reform working groups by environmentalists is a waste of time, or even a sabotage of environmentalist goals.


Grizzlies lack enough room to roam

Just 44 percent of the "nuisance" grizzly bears trapped and relocated in the northern Rockies survive two years without getting into trouble again, says a wildlife biologist for the state of Montana.

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