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High Country News November 30, 1992

Pressure builds to change remote park


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Pressure builds to change remote park

Chaco Canyon is a battleground, with tourists, environmentalists, business interests and Navajos jousting over whether to build a paved road to a park now served only by dirt roads.


Glen Canyon law may draw foes together

Two days after Bill Clinton's election, an unlikely group met in Farmington, N.M., to talk about radically changing how decisions are made in the West. The conspirators were long-time enemies who came together to see if they could cooperate on one of the region's most contentious battles: the operation of Glen Canyon Dam.

Can wolves coexist with cows?

The U.S. Forest Service may put cows back on land that the Arizona Game and Fish Department is studying for possible reintroduction of the endangered Mexican gray wolf.

Is BLM running down a rare species?

On the wet meadows of western Colorado's Chance Gulch, a rare game bird's dance floor may soon be too hot to trot. These sage-covered hills and grassy draws support the last stable breeding population of the Gunnison sage grouse.

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