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High Country News June 10, 2002

Hatching reform


Hatching reform

With 15 runs of salmon federally listed as threatened or endangered, a conservation group, Long Live the Kings, hopes hatchery reform can help save wild stocks of fish.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Associate editor Rebecca Clarren plans to move back to the Northwest; books from Island Press; Chip Giller's on-line magazine, "Grist"; HCN's upcoming potluck at Park City, Utah; Albuquerque cemetery.

Writers on the Range

The name might be green, but not the group

The writer warns readers to be wary of organizations' names, which can be deceiving as to their missions.


Permanent user fees in the pipeline

The Bush administration wants to permanently install user fees for recreation on public lands, but opponents are speaking out.

The Latest Bounce

Boise, Idaho, open space; BLM to auction cattle near Elko, Nev.; DOJ intervenes in W.R. Grace's asbestos disaster bankruptcy in Libby, MT; ATV trail in Utah to be named after Rep. Jim Hansen.

No magic bullet for wasting disease

Controlling the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk has developed into a major problem for Department of Wildlife officials in Colorado, with critics appalled at the agency's slaughter of the animals.

Duwamish? Duwamish who?

The Duwamish Tribe, seeking federal recognition, has been rebuked by the Bush administration, due to a technical glitch in paper work by the outgoing Bureau of Indian Affairs director.

Interior's conflicting interests

Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles is accused by environmentalists of conflict of interest in his encouragement of coalbed-methane drilling in the Powder River Basin.

Exotic-killing herbicide is ousted from the range

In its attempt to eradicate cheatgrass in Idaho, the BLM contaminated crops with the herbicide, Oust, which led to a lawsuit stopping the spraying, while the weed continues to spread.


In the throat of a black hole

An essay from the author's book, "The Desert Cries," in which he tours Antelope Canyon, where a flood once took the lives of hikers.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Drought in Colorado; cows on waterbeds in Oregon; citizen remedies LA freeway sign; Casper police officer places lost gun ad; Univ. of Ariz. president won't let grads toss tortillas; doggie powwow Jackson, WY; Libertarian candidate Steve Gothard fears Was

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The wild (and not-so-wild) sex life of salmon

A brief explanation of the life and reproductive cycles of a salmon.

Tribes blur the line between wild and hatchery fish

Indian tribes use hatchery reform methods to train hatchery fish to behave like wild salmon.

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