Oryx a predictable disaster

  Dear HCN,

Even as a wildlife student in the early 1970s, I was appalled when I learned that a 400-pound animal that can survive without free water (the oryx) had been introduced into the White Sands Missile Range (HCN, 10/22/01: A graceful gazelle becomes a pest). The potential for an ecological disaster seemed all too obvious.

Thirty years later, it looks like the horror story has come true. Frank Hibben ranks right up there (it's really down there) with those responsible for the introduction of the starling, the house sparrow and the grass carp. He, along with the so-called biologists that allowed this to occur, should be ashamed.

The White Sands Missile Range and surrounding area should be renamed the "Frank C. Hibben EGO-system."

Gordon S. Lind
Sandy, Utah