Kudos for Craig

  Dear HCN,

I just wanted to congratulate you and Craig Childs on the wonderful article about desert streams (HCN, 9/10/01: The rise and fall of a desert stream). I thought that was the most inspirational and entertaining reading that I have ever seen in HCN (which is saying a lot, by the way). I enjoyed the story so much because it was presented in a different format than most of your features. It was a story that serves to remind the reader why we are all working so hard to protect our natural environment. Instead of page after page of political controversy, charges, counter-charges, and bleak prognostications - this story simply and beautifully talked about how precious and awe-inspiring the desert can be! It was the first time in a long time that I read the feature story in one sitting. I applaud you for printing it and wish to thank Craig Childs for writing it. Please give us more of the same. Inspire us!

Pablo Grim
Lyle, Washington