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Freedom or irresponsibility?

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Dear HCN,

I had to respond to the following statement from the Sept. 10 article about shooting in Arizona: " 'I go out to these places, carpeted with spent brass (cartridges), a car door over here, a TV or a propane bottle over there, and what I see is unbridled freedom...' " I lived in southern Arizona for about six out of the last 10 years, and I have seen such places. What I saw, however, was unbridled irresponsibility! I am not interested in shooting sports, but I respect the right of others to enjoy themselves as they wish. Simple courtesy requires that everyone clean up after himself and not spoil the environment for other users. Leaving a "carpet" of spent brass, large pieces of trash, and an abundance of broken glass on public land is not acceptable. To the "prominent Phoenix shooter" quoted above, I say enjoy your sport on a private shooting range or your own private property, not the public lands where your irresponsibility and discourtesy impact the experience of other citizens.

Greg Rouillard
Marina, California

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