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High Country News October 08, 2001

Whoa! Canada!


Whoa! Canada!

Canadian activists trying to save Alberta's Castle-Crown wildlands from rapid oil and gas development are frustrated by their nation's lack of effective environmental protection laws.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Paonia tomatoes; Ray Ring is HCN's Northern Rockies editor; Krissy Clark new production asst. for Radio HCN; Temple poetry magazine ends; Williams (Ore.) Forest Fund; deaths of Cate Gilles and Jim Corbett; West helps in WTC rescue work; correction.


Terrorist attacks echo in the West

The terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., have affected life in the West in many ways, bringing armed guards to major dams and derailing the tourism industry, among other impacts.

The Latest Bounce

California ends electric deregulation; new wolf packs found in Montana, Idaho; Forest Service overspends firefighting budget; Western land trusts booming.

Ski resorts pump up ecoterrorism defenses

In the wake of the arson at Vail two years ago, Western ski resorts have hired security staff to keep an eye out for ecoterrorism.

Coho salmon lose federal protection

A lawsuit from the Pacific Legal Foundation leads an Oregon federal district judge to throw out the coho salmon's status as protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Salt Woman confronts a coal mine

In New Mexico, the Zuni Pueblo fights a coal strip-mine planned for Zuni Salt Lake, a site sacred to the tribe.

Army Corps wavers on management plan

The Army Corps of Engineers backs away from a revised environmental impact statement that would have changed the way it operates six Missouri River dams.

Rebuilding a road to prosperity

Residents of Packwood, Wash., want to attract tourists with a rebuilt highway through Mount St. Helens National Monument, but conservationists and scientists say the road would impact wildlife and be dangerous and geologically unstable.

The smog is lifting

After decades of cleanup efforts, Denver, Colo., is about to receive clean-air status from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Book Reviews

Indians are cowboys

In "Riders of the West," author Peter Iverson and photographer Linda MacCannell follow the Indian rodeo circuit from Arizona, through the Rocky Mountain West and into Canada.

Tony and the Cows

In "Tony and the Cows," writer Will Baker investigates the life and death of radical environmentalist Tony Merten, who was accused of killing 34 cows and calves in New Mexico.

Three fiery reads

Three books on Western firefighting are reviewed: "The Season of Fire" by David J. Strohmaier; "Year of the Fires" by Stephen J. Pyne, and "Wildfire: A Reader," edited by Alianor True.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Naked statue offends; sexy Olympic skaters; gender-based shopping cart behavior; bugs bug windmills; Colo. Gov. goes to pot; gay/lesbian group not welcome to adopt S.D. highway; Seattle residents line up for toilets; don't run from cougars.


Lessons of an intolerant past

Before the U.S. tries to crack down on suspicious-looking Muslims and Middle Easterners, it would do well to remember the World War II era injustice of Japanese-American internment camps like Minidoka, Idaho.

Related Stories

Ranchers sour on Canadian gas plant

Alberta, Canada, ranchers are frustrated by the government's lack of oversight of the proliferating sour-gas plants that some say harm health and livestock.

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