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High Country News October 17, 1994


As elections near, green hopes wilt

Environmentalists face upcoming elections with some anxiety.


A creeping plague of crickets is hitched to everything in the world

Writer's love of nature is put to the test during a Mormon cricket plague.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Society of Environmental Journalists meets in Utah; visitors; growth issue a hit.


Missing: another tribal environmentalist

Native American environmental activist Fred Walking Badger is missing and violence is suspected.

A wilderness rates one official boss

Forest Service centralizes management of Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness to save costs.

Parks give free rides

Park Service loses $100 million a year in fees it fails to collect.

A sunny future for nuclear test site?

Energy Department says Nevada Test Site would be one of the best places in North America to capture solar energy.

Open sesame, grazing boards

Public must be permitted to attend Utah's grazing advisory board meetings.

The progress of freewheeling consensus jeopardized as feds pull back

An unusual group, the Applegate Partnership, tries to build consensus among environmentalists and loggers in southern Oregon.

When are trapped wolves "taken'?

Predator Project asks ADC to stop trapping coyotes after a wolf is killed.

Babbitt helps a river

Babbitt thwarts hydroelectric project in Klamath Falls when he declares an 11-mile stretch of the Klamath a National Scenic River.

Yellowstone fires produce new trees, not meadows

Scientists document amazing forest recovery in Yellowstone's burned areas.

Reality intrudes on Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain is bankrupt.

For sale: low mileage bomb factory

Department of Energy sells bomb components to an Idaho used-car and scrap dealer.

As salmon die, a traveler plants seeds of rage

Activist Charles Ray travels thousands of miles a year to educate people about salmon.

Salmon win again (in court)

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Northwest Power Planning Council and in favor of salmon.

Book Reviews

Organizing citizens for the next 20 years

The Workbook offers advice to activists.

Timber industry takes a stand

The timber industry responds to the Sierra Club's book, Clearcut, with its side of the story in its own book, Closer Look.

Green Classifieds

Student Conservation Association publishes guide to green jobs.

Wilderness Act at 30

The Wilderness Act Handbook is reissued by The Wilderness Society.

Uncontrollable coyote

Wayne Grady's book The World of the Coyote celebrates this predator.

Come into the forest

The Changing Forest museum exhibit teaches about ponderosa pine forests.


Witness: Endangered Species of North America uses photographs to draw attention to the Endangered Species Act.

Celebrate the West

Celebrate the West gathering in Jackson will honor Western historian Alvin Josephy.

Pay to play

The Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association believes mountain bikers should pay to use trails on public lands.

Home on the electric range

Rancher robot display defends grazing at New Mexico State Fair.

Nevada Water Forum

Findings of Nevada Water Forums are published.

Bambi takes a hunter safety course

The book "Stormy and The New Forest" by Tom Storm is reviewed.

Related Stories

Native Americans move ahead politically

American Indian groups increase political power in West.

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