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High Country News March 13, 1989

Synthetic Fuels Revisited, Part II


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Syngas plant survives the '80s

With contracts that insulate it from low energy prices, the Great Plains coal gasification plant in Beulah, N.D., endures as a relic of the federal government's 1970s syn-fuels fascination.


Navajo Nation is in governmental gridlock

With the turmoil showing little sign of abating, millions of dollars worth of economic development prospects -- the linchpin of MacDonald's administration -- may also soon go down the drain as investors shy away.


If everything else fails, we may behave wisely

The West was saved from the wrath of the energy industry by the genius of a free market, even though that market was far from perfect.


What did not happen on the Great Plains

The Bureau of Reclamation's grandiose plans -- laid out in the 1971 North Central Power Study -- to turn parts of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas into an energy sacrifice area haven't come to pass.

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