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High Country News November 20, 1989

The West's fouled waters, Part I: Billions for quantity, but not a penny for quality


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The West's right to pollute shall never be denied

The West's refusal to confront the issue of water quality will haunt the region.

Getting off on the wrong foot

The Newlands project in Nevada has become a diabolical machine whose main products are poisoned and deformed birds.

Bleeding from a million wounds

In the case of Colorado's Arkansas River, it's more accurate to talk of a pollution-shed than a watershed.

Drained rivers rouse Montana

During the droughty summer of 1988, irrigators sucked many Montana streams dry. The backlash could re-order the way the state manages water.

Subterranean toxics threaten city

Southwestern cities are famous for drawing down their aquifers. But Albuquerque, New Mexico, may exhaust its aquifer while still leaving it in the ground.

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