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High Country News June 05, 1989

Forester challenges his agency to a discussion


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Forester challenges his agency to a discussion

It wasn't until timber sales planner Jeff DeBonis was transferred to the Willamette National Forest -- the biggest timber-producing national forest in the country -- that what he saw made him open his mouth.


The Gray Ranch: an ecological survivor

The Gray Ranch stretches north from the Mexican border in the far west corner of the state to take in most of the 45-mile-long Animas Mountains and surrounding desert. Seventy-five species of mammals, more than are found in any national park or wildlife refuge, live in habitats that range from dry grasslands to a forested 8,553-foot-high crest.

Fighting over the Missouri's big buckets

The drought of 1987 and 1988 has sent water levels on Missouri River reservoirs plummeting toward record lows, intensifying conflicts between upper and lower basin states over river and reservoir management and water allocations.

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