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Snowmobiles have no business in Yellowstone

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Letter - From the April 23, 2001 issue by Joy York
Dear HCN,

Reading Ben Long’s story in your March 12 issue, "Yellowstone’s last stampede," was like getting a kick in the stomach.

Who are these pea-brains on their disgusting machines that they can treat the park as though it’s their own personal Disneyland? They obviously care nothing for the land or the animals who must endure noise and fuel pollution. Where they need to be playing around is at a landfill or city dump somewhere. Anywhere. Their getting the boot out of the park can’t come too soon for those of us who know Yellowstone to be a magical place, and that snowmobiles are an intrusion and have no business being there. Horses for courses goes the cliché; snowmobiles in Yellowstone, not.

Joy York
Salem, Oregon

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