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High Country News April 09, 2001

The water empress of Vegas


The water empress of Vegas

Patricia Mulroy, general manager of Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada, Water Authority, has kept water coming to her booming desert city, but environmental concerns and water-quality problems are signs that her water empire can't last forever.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Putting California on HCN's map; visitors; death of conservationist and musician Paul Todd.

Uncommon Westerners

A journalist, and much more

Writer and organic farmer Donella Meadows is remembered as a journalist, and much more.


Republicans launch counteroffensive

Environmentalists are reeling from the Bush administration's rollbacks of many of Clinton's laws and policies affecting water quality, mining, endangered salmon and national forests.

The latest bounce

Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck resigns; Northern Rockies' spring mushroom boom; Yosemite's public bus system; new protection for California deserts; wolves may move to Utah.

Green power threatens the Black Rock

Some critics say a proposed geothermal power plant threatens the newly designated Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area in northwestern Nevada.

End of a dam saga

Jim Trees plans to replace a 140-year-old diversion dam in a Zion National Park wilderness study area with an "environmentally friendly" weir just outside the park boundary.

Montana gets a taste of old-time logging

Critics say a massive salvage-logging operation in the wildfire-burned Sula State Forest, Mont., won't leave enough snags and downed trees for wildlife and forest rejuvenation.

New Mexico loggers get 'police power'

In New Mexico, environmentalists are aghast at a new law, approved by legislators of both parties, that gives counties 'police power' to cut trees in national forests threatened by fire.

How green is this growth?

Local critics are working to stop a much-touted "model" development planned for the Ahmanson Ranch on the edge of Southern California's Santa Monica Mountains.

Book Reviews

Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian

A new book, "Edward Sheriff Curtis: Visions of a Vanishing Race" by Florence Curtis Graybill and Victor Boesen, and a documentary film, "Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the American Indian" by Anne Makepeace, discuss the controversial photographer.

How Utah got that way

Robert Fillmore's new guidebook, "The Geology of the Parks, Monuments and Wildlands of Southern Utah," helps readers decipher the complicated landscapes of southern Utah.

Wild in the city

"Wild in the City: A Guide to Portland's Natural Areas," edited by Michael Houck and M.J. Cody, gathers maps, site guides, and essays celebrating the city's wildlife and preserved landscapes.

Mystery on the Colorado

"Sunk Without a Sound: The Tragic Colorado Honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde" by Brad Dimock tries to retrace the journey and unravel the mystery behind a 70-year-old tragedy.


The myth of the wooden Indian

An Indian writer wonders how the stereotype of stoic Indians ever got started, given the natural humor and wit of Indian peoples of all tribes.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Fancy toilets of "green built" resort; California vs. Washington; Lewis & Clark and Jet Skis; Winnebagos and floating condos; Michael Tomlinson vs. applicances; Berkeley, Calif., honors "companion animals."

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