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High Country News October 03, 1994


Subdividing the desert: Should there be a vote?

Tucson activists fight development of the desert's ironwood forest.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Earthquake, Research Fund drive, board meeting in Logan, survey, interns Meg Krehbiel and Chip Giller.


Judge rocks Montana's open-pit mines

Montana judge rules that reclamation at open-pit mines in the state must include the pit itself.

Inspector commits "career suicide'

Federal safety inspector Steve Jones is fired after publicizing dangers of chemical weapons incineration at Tooele Army Depot.

Mike Synar loses

Democrat Mike Synar loses Oklahoma primary.

Mining reform: dead or alive?

Chances for reform of the 1872 Mining Law this year recede as Congress prepares to adjourn.

Parental care for uranium tailings only goes so far

Atlas Minerals Co. says cleaning up uranium tailings near Moab may prove too expensive.

Ranchers arrested at wildlife refuge

The arrest of rancher Dwight Hammond for running cattle on a wildlife refuge provokes a wise-use backlash in Oregon.

Yellowstone makes bragging hazardous ...

Rangers photograph wildlife so poached animals will be easy to identify.

... As park poacher holds on to trophies

Convicted poacher Donald E. Lewis is allowed to keep his illegal animal trophies.

Forest Service accomplishes appeal-proof timber sales

Activists claim the Forest Service's revised timber sale procedures make appeals almost impossible.

Book Reviews

Water planning in the desert

Nevada State Division of Water Planning drafts new policy to guide water-planning decisions.

Hikers can bear grizzlies

Greater Ecosystem Alliance says restoring grizzly bear populations won't interfere with recreationists.

Bigots in Big Sky

Montana Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issues report on hate groups.

Saved from subdivision

Letter-writing campaign stops development of privately owned land in a national forest.

Sole source

EPA may grant special protection to an aquifer in eastern Washington and Western Idaho as "sole source" of drinking water for the area.

New look at a river basin

The Environmental Defense Fund wants to protect the Colorado River Basin.

One down, three to go

Ecotrust works to save forests by encouraging sensible economic development.

A climbing plan for Devils Tower

Park Service tries to develop a climbing management plan that will satisfy Native Americans who regard Devils Tower as sacred.

No room at the top

American Mountain Foundation tries to save Colorado's "Fourteeners" from being loved to death by climbers.

Save the temperate forests

Second International Temperate Forest Conference meets in Missoula.

False alarm

General Accounting Office report proves that environmental nonprofits do not make money on land transactions.

Peak writing experience

Native American Writers Forum meets in Telluride.

Evolving wetlands

Sixth annual conference of Colorado Riparian Association meets in Alamosa.

Leopold floats us to an understanding

Chip Rawlins reviews A View of the River by Luna Leopold.


An agency icon at 50

The 50 year birthday of Smokey Bear provokes ironic retrospective of icon's career.

Burning nerve gas makes me "volatile'

The Army's plans to incinerate deadly chemical weapons are dangerous, expensive and irresponsible.

The Southwest's writers are terrified liars

A writer argues that Southwestern writers refuse to tell the truth about the contemporary West.

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