'Honest markers' still miss the mark

  Dear HCN,

I appreciate your essay about the need for historically accurate monuments and markers across the West (HCN, 9/25/00: Truth-telling needs a home in the West). Someone who is very eloquent on this issue is James Loewen, who wrote Lies Across America: What Our Historic Markers and Monuments Get Wrong. Unfortunately, the marker which you present as "the bald-faced truth" ignores the fact that it would have been very unlikely "for a man to arrive, build a house, fence some land, plow it, put in a crop, wait in vain to harvest, lose his money, get tired of jackrabbit stew, and leave" without a woman to help him.

The subtle ways in which women have been left out of the historical record is something that James Loewen documents quite well. I urge people to read his book!

Kate Monk
Boulder, Colorado