Enough is enough

  Dear HCN, Early in the 1990s, I was among a chartered busload of residents who traveled to Denver to attend a Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission meeting. It was an enlightening experience to learn that residents had no standing to speak or participate in any way at this meeting.

But the volume of people appearing did have an effect on some commission members, and after much discussion and delays, four of our group got to comment. The comments did not appear to make any impact on the commissioners. Now, the situation is getting worse. The last word I heard was that, "Yes, 20-acre spacing is allowed north of I-70 and the decision about south of I-70 is being reviewed" (double-talk for "We may be able to slip it through without too much hassle."

Your (cover Sept. 25 photo) is the most dramatic example of what impact Barrett Resources has had on what had been a beautiful landscape. How much more destroying of ranches, farms, residents' homes and property must take place before the politicians and bureaucrats recognize "enough is enough"?

Hal Carlson
Battlement Mesa, Colorado