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High Country News November 06, 2000

'Re-inhabitation' revisited


'Re-inhabitation' revisited

The environmental and community challenges brought to Washington's Olympic Peninsula by runaway sprawl and development have some 're-inhabiting locals' almost nostalgic for the clear-cut timber companies of 30 years ago.


Outlaws on an upscale road

The writer remembers living in a tipi outside Jackson Hole, Wyo., 20 years ago, before the area turned into an enclave for the rich, and eccentric but affordable housing was outlawed.

A hunter for gun control

A lifelong hunter wonders why all hunters are stereotyped as pro-NRA, anti-control, when so many of the hunters she knows feel differently.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Lynne Bama wins John M. Collier award for HCN story; fall visitors; remembering Sidney Yates and Bruce Vento; Clevenger Kehmeier writes HCN about "growing up handy."


News battle emerges in Utah

As Utah's Deseret News tries to gain control of The Salt Lake Tribune, journalists and others worry that the city's two-newspaper days could be numbered.

The latest bounce

BLM impounds cattle on Grand Staircase-Escalante N.M., Utah, and pulls 3 oil/gas leases in Wyo.; Moab's Atlas mine tailings to be moved; Magnesium Corp. agrees to cut emissions in northern Utah; ID enviros to sue ranchers and agencies over taking salmon.

Congress moves on local proposals

Fearing more last-minute monument designations, Westerners have begun working with the Clinton administration to find other ways to protect public lands.

Will a watched refuge ever revive?

At the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, ranchers, environmentalists and agencies are at odds over whether grazing could help beat back an exotic grass, Lehmann lovegrass.

On the trail

Ariz. polls show anti-sprawl initiative losing; in Wash., anti-tax business Tim Eyman has 2 new initiatives on ballot after measure last year ruled unconstitutional; OR Voters Guide 376 pp. long; Sen. Slade Gorton, says media hurts re-election chances.

CARA's not quite the girl she used to be

Despite its tremendous original support, CARA (the Conservation and Resource Act of 1999) has come through Congress much changed and reduced.

Don't step on a bomb

Around today's Colorado Trail, where Camp Hale was in WWII, hikers are finding old grenades and other unexploded ordnance.

Idaho resorts near 'wild' river must go

In Idaho, a judge rules that three fishing lodges along the Wild and Scenic Salmon River must be removed.

Colorado's Coal Basin starts a new life

In western Colorado's Coal Basin, geologist Steve Renner works with alternative high school students in the area he has been working to restore as part of a Forest Service ecosystem-monitoring project.

Timber counties get new money

A new law is intended to give former timber counties federal tax money for schools and roads, without using the funds to increase logging.

Sprawl will be televised

A documentary on sprawl, Subdivide and Conquer, has had trouble being aired on public TV stations before the election in Denver and Phoenix, where controversial anti-sprawl initiatives are on the ballot.

A watershed worth its weight

The Nature Conservancy wants to buy Ellsworth Creek, a Washington watershed near the mouth of the Columbia River that is valued as a "typical Northwest forest ecosystem."

Is a dredging project drowning?

After 10 years of studies, an Army Corps of Engineers plan to deepen 100 miles of the Columbia River shipping channel is in trouble.

Greens are still seeing red

Environmentalists say Wyoming's Red Desert is in danger, facing the prospect of 10,000-15,000 oil and gas wells by 2010.

Book Reviews

Efficient energy is efficient business

Washington State University's Cooperative Extension Energy Program has an Energy Ideas Clearinghouse Web site, offering many ways to conserve power.

Bypass bickering

Fred Dexter of Nevada's Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club is crusading against a planned four-lane bridge over the Colorado River at Sugarloaf Mountain in the Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Take a walk

Katie Alvord's book, Divorce Your Car! Ending the love affair with the automobile, offers reason, advice and good humor about reducing automobile use.

Into the depths

Scientists have created new, electronic maps showing what the bottom of Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park would look like without water.

Grassbanks in the West: Challenges and Opportunities

Environmentalists, ranchers, Forest Service and writers come together for a conference Nov. 17-18 in Santa Fe, N.M.

Northwest Mining Association

The Northwest Mining Association's 106th annual meeting, "Winds of Change," will be held Dec. 4-8 in Spokane, Wash.

Cowboy Poetry Gathering

The 17th annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering will be held Jan. 27 to Feb. 3, 2001, in Elko, Nevada.

Snake River salmon and steelhead

Students and faculty from Reed College in Portland, Ore., are doing a Web survey to determine how much people value the restoration of Snake River salmon and steelhead.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Moose lover's car hits moose; mating moose outside AK classroom; Parade pokes fun at Berkeley; wolves adapt to Yellowstone; pro-Gore speaker shoved in Eugene, OR; Babes in the Woods calendar pictures; Redmond, WA, teen saves tree for dying neighbor.

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