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High Country News September 19, 1994


Flame and blame in the Northwest: Loggers urge fire sales

Timber companies are eager to log the West's still-smoldering forests.


The Park Service didn't put my son in a coma

The severe injury of her son in a hiking accident leads the writer to meditate on the need to take personal responsibility in the outdoors.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Pesticide documentary, visitors, fall intern Shara Rutberg.


Wolf provokes inadvertent howlers

Public comments on wolf reintroduction include a lot of unintentionally funny remarks.

Catron County readies for battle

Catron County, N.M., passes resolution urging every household to own a gun.

Will Navajos take a gamble?

Navajo President Peterson Zah wants tribe to vote on legalized gambling.

Around Glacier Park, it's every predator for itself

Near Glacier Park on the North Fork of the Flathead River, a unique ecologic system is being studied.

A clash of cultures: tribal versus nuclear

A Native American cultural center on a hill called Avikan is threatened by a low-level radioactive waste dump.

Eco-vandalism: Alien trout play havoc in Yellowstone

The introduction of non-native trout threatens local fish in Yellowstone Lake.

Washington tribes vigorously claim their rights

Tribes in Washington give the slogan "Indian Power" new meaning.

Hawk sees opportunity, snatches it

A hawk snatches a garter snake off a sleeping teenager's chest in a remarkable incident in Montana.

Book Reviews

Plenty of room in Colorado

Report by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says Colorado can support at least 1,128 wolves.

Utah publisher celebrates 25

Utah publisher Gibbs Smith celebrates 25th anniversary of his company.

What every land trust should know

Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts holds workshop.

Sue the cattle

New activist group called the Alliance for Property Rights fights for an end to open range.

Dueling studies

An injunction to prohibit grazing in habitat for endangered salmon provokes opposing studies.

Return of Compound 1080?

The deadly poison Compound 1080 may be used against predators in the West.

Save a river

David Bolling's book How to Save a River offers advice to activists.

Green buzzword

Grand Canyon Trust and National Park Service hold symposium.

Related Stories

Ambitious ecosystem management advances east

The Eastside Ecosystem Management Project seeks to plot a future for the forests of the Interior Columbia Basin.

Shame and threats impel Eastside plan

Restrictions on logging in spotted owl habitat lead to increased cutting in the Eastside forests.

Lawsuits may prey on wolf plans

Both ranchers and environmentalists threaten to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the way wolf reintroduction is being planned.

Non-Indians try to hold onto private property

Some non-Indian landowners are seeking to limit tribal sovereignty.

Eastside activists feel scarce and don't back down

Rural environmental activists need to be knowledgeable and persistant despite isolation.

First offering of Westside plan is "worst'

The planned Sugarloaf timber sale in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest provokes ire among conservationists.

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