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High Country News October 23, 2000


Stalking Slade

An unprecedented, informal coalition of angry Indian tribes, environmentalists and Democrats are going after Washington Republican Sen. Slade Gorton's seat in November, and Gorton's opponent - Democrat Maria Cantwell - may have a chance for victory.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Our election issue; Sarah Hauze and HCN's "intern project"; visitors; HCN readings in Durango and Telluride; "Burma Shave lives again"; where to hear Radio High Country News.


The Latest Bounce

Enviros attack INS plans for stadium lights, to halt illegal immigration in Arizona. Molycorp plans to clean up Questa mine. Last summer's fire at INEEL. Forest Service wants to log Santa Fe National Forest; nearby counties they will log if NFS won't.

Montana hunters blast game farms

In Montana, the sportsmen's group MADCOW - Montanans Against the Domestication and Commercialization of Wildlife - has put Initiative 143 on the ballot to end "canned hunting" on the state's elk ranches.

Water runs through a congressional race

Democrat Curt Hohn, who fought South Dakota's huge water project, the Oahe Unit, is running against Republican John Thune for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Libertarian is Chenoweth's heir apparent

C.L. "Butch" Otter, who is running for the U.S. House seat that Rep. Helen Chenoweth, R, is leaving, has gained points in conservative Idaho by fighting the EPA over destroying part of a wetland.

The Berkeley Pit gets deeper

Skyrocketing electric rates and a resulting shutdown of operations by copper mining company Montana Resources mean that increased untreated runoff is flowing into the Berkeley Pit, the country's largest Superfund site.

Council guns down ban on predator hunts

In Arizona, a ban on "killing coyotes" such as the "Predator Hunt Extreme" has been overturned on the grounds that the state Game and Fish Commission does not have jurisdiction over such contests.

Mudfest debacle muddies off-roaders' future

When two Boulder, Colo., disc jockeys invited four-wheelers to an impromptu rally at nearby Caribou Flats, the resulting "Mudfest" wrecked private land and alpine wetlands and stained the reputation of the state's ORVers.

Democrats see the light in Montana

November's elections may be a political watershed for Montana, with a possible power shift to moderate yet progressive-minded Democrats in Congress and the governor's office.

On the trail

VP candidate Cheney decries solar-power tax relief; Pat Buchanan calls protesters at Denver's Columbus Day parade "neo-fascists"; Wash. voters split over antitrapping initiatives; Ariz.'s Prop. 102 would hamper wildlife; in Ariz., a vote on development.

In presidential politics, the West has a bad hand

A longtime political observer explains how it is that a huge region like the West has a rather minimal influence on national presidential elections.

Book Reviews

The power of vision and memory

Charles Wilkinson's new book, "Messages from Frank's Landing," gives voice to the struggle of Nisqually Indian activist Billy Frank, Jr., in Washington state.

Mapping a vision

A report from the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project inventories the mountain ecoregion of Colorado, northern New Mexico, and southern Wyoming.

Birds break boundaries

Chris Pague of The Nature Conservancy has been following migratory birds from Colorado to Mexico to help come up with a conservation plan.

Pilot finds a soft spot for a hard land

In his book, "Under the Sun: A Sonoran Desert Odyssey," Adriel Heisey collects the gorgeous aerial photos he made from his homemade Kolb Twinstar and describes how he learned to love a rugged landscape.

'biles get the boot

A final winter use plan for Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks will ban snowmobiles altogether by the winter of 2003-2004.

Where cultures collide

The Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, Ore., houses one of the best cultural and historical centers in the West.

Click for conservation

A new Web site called lets users conserve land at no cost by clicking on corporate sponsors' ads.

A tricky tale of the past and the future

In "Salt Dreams," writer William deBuys and photographer Joan Myers trace the fascinating story of California's Salton Sea.

Powder River Basin Resource Council

Powder River Basin Resource Council holds its annual meeting on Wyoming's small-mine laws on Oct. 28.

Carnivores 2000

Defenders of Wildlife will hold a three-day conference on carnivores Nov. 12-15.

America's Parks - America's People: A Mosaic in Motion II

An event put on by the National Parks Conservation Association will talk about human diversity with regard to America's national parks on Nov. 8-12.


Third-party votes count for plenty

The writer defends the history of third parties and the reasons to vote for them.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Silly candidate quotes; difference between Republicans and Democrats; Sunshine Dairy hit by Animal Liberation Front; Short takes; grizzly bear decoy; gray wolf's life saved by radio collar; Wyo. ranchers can shoot wolves with bean bags.

Related Stories

Washington's Steel Magnolia

Washington state Democrat Maria Cantwell, who is running against longtime Republican Sen. Slade Gorton, is backed by tribes and environmentalists.

Arizona's 202 takes aim at sprawl

In Arizona, developers are battling Proposition 202, The Citizens Growth Management Initiative, which would rein in large-scale, "leapfrog" developments.

Colorado's growth amendment rouses voters

In Colorado, the Responsible Growth Initiative, Amendment 24, is facing fierce opposition from the real estate industry and from many town and county officials who fear the elections it would require would be too expensive.

Nader shakes up Western enviros

Green Party candidate Ralph Nader has split Western environmentalists, who are torn between supporting a man many admire as a hero, and voting for Democratic candidate Al Gore, who also has environmental credentials and perhaps a chance at winning.

'A choice between bad and worse is not good enough'

HCN's Michelle Nijhuis interviews Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader on Western environmental issues and the upcoming election.

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