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High Country News October 09, 2000


The hunters and the hunted: The Arizona-Mexico border turns into the 21st century frontier

As illegal immigration from Mexico increases, more people risk their lives crossing the desert into Arizona, while government agencies, anti-immigration vigilantes and human rights activists argue over how to handle the influx.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Thirty-year anniversary party in Boulder; High Country history; news, visitors and Suckling's first name.


Killing salmon to save the species

Northwestern hatcheries now kill excess hatchery salmon to prevent captive-bred fish from weakening wild species, but critics, including some Indian tribes, say this is wasteful and unnecessary.

The latest bounce

Clinton's fire-recovery plan approved with caveats; Interior Appropriations bill riders dropped; public can now appeal USFS projects; Colorado gas wells in some areas must use directional drilling; cyanide from Los Alamos runoff traced to fire retardant.

Wilder Grand Canyon proves too contentious

Grand Canyon's backcountry and river planning effort ends abruptly when Park Superintendent Robert Arnberger decides the process, which includes outfitters, private boaters and wilderness advocates, is "too contentious."

Another legacy of drought

Wyoming veterinarians are blaming the drought for the summer's unusually high number of cattle with deadly sulfate-induced polio.

The Black Hills won't log everything

A green lawsuit forces Black Hills National Forest to refrain from logging one of its last roadless areas, and to protect old-growth stands and designate wildlife study areas.

Will Western skies be clear enough?

The Western Regional Air Partnership has a plan to clear the air over the Colorado Plateau, but critics say the plan is much too soft and likely to prove ineffective.

Homeless tribe wants its land back

The Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw are asking for 95,000 acres of the Siuslaw National Forest as compensation for land stolen 150 years ago.

Western Shoshone to cash in?

Some Western Shoshone are saying that a congressionally approved land-claims settlement should not be accepted by the tribe, because a tribal vote two years ago was not legitimate.

On the Trail

Bush and Gore fight for New Mexico; Sierra Club goes after Bush in Spanish in N.M.; in Utah, Jim Matheson, D, leads Derek Smith, R; in Montana, Dems rally Indians; Friends of the Earth rebut Washington Republicans.


Illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans

A native-born New Mexico Hispanic points out that opposition to immigration is not necessarily racist, and says that immigration problems must be dealt with.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Electric bicycles and Lee Iacocca; Iowa CornCam has lots of fans; man accidentally shoots self on first date; Helen Chenoweth dodges dead salmon in Montana.

Related Stories

Border lures the young

In Agua Prieta, Mexico, a group of young men discuss their experiences crossing the border.

A sympathetic landowner

In Douglas, Ariz., rancher and consultant Jerry Bohmfalk is considering a lawsuit against the Border Patrol, which he believes makes matters worse by pursuing "economic refugees."

Sanctuary movement revives

Alexis Claire, who owns a travel agency in Bisbee, Ariz., is part of a revival of the "Sanctuary Movement,' trying to help today's economic refugees as she helped refugees from Central America 10 years ago.

Migrants leave trail of trash

Migrants crossing the Sonoran Desert leave litter and cause ever-increasing damage, as seen in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

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