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Make mine a double cone

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Dear HCN,

As a recent graduate of Utah State University in Logan, Utah, I must report my bewilderment upon reading your characterization of my former home: "Nowadays, Logan is a smaller version of Boulder, Colo. Trophy homes glisten along the foothills of the Wasatch Range; students buy double lattés before class, and go jogging on recreational trails or listen to live rock bands outside the student union after class' (HCN, 1/31/00: Searching for pasture).


From my perspective, Logan has become a smaller version of Sandy, Utah. Oversized family homes glisten along the foothills of the Bear River Range; students buy Aggie Ice Cream and thick slices of homemade white bread before and after going to class, and go driving up the canyon or listen to Faith Hill in their basement apartments.

Lisa Jones' description reveals a problem with your tendency to see the "New West" everywhere, and to overlook continuity within stories of change.

Jared Farmer
Stanford, California

P.S. Just read your review (HCN, 4/10/00: A new generation comes to terms with Lake Powell) of my book. One clarification: The dam inundated not seven but 170 miles of river!

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