Wolff campaigns for wolves

  For nine years, New Mexican Pat Wolff has been working to shut down publicly funded programs that kill predators and other problem animals (HCN, 4/27/98). Last year, the organization she founded, New West Research, won a lawsuit requiring the government to release names of ranchers who get federal help to control predators. Now, she's touring the country with a multimedia presentation aimed at convincing audiences that the federal agency, Animal Damage Control, is "wasteful, biologically unsound and not cost-effective." Many of the slides in Stop the War on Wildlife were taken by the late Dick Randall, a former federal trapper who went on to become an avid conservationist and supporter of the nonprofit Defenders of Wildlife. "The pictures are grisly," she says, "but people need to know."

Contact Wolff at New West Research, P.O. Box 9125, Santa Fe, NM 87504; e-mail: NewWest@aol.com or visit www.enviroweb.org/newwest.

* Ali Macalady