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Jon Marvel, elitist

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Dear HCN,

Despite Jon Marvel's insistence that he is a lover of the land, his objective is not to improve the landscape in the West, but to play a game in which his unwillingness to entertain a holistic view of the issues endlessly entertains him. His agenda apparently dates back to the days he lived in his family's cabin, recreating, and the neighbor's cows offended him. How elitist to reside in a community where a 7,000 square-foot home is not considered a trophy and then to attack the folks who have valuable knowledge and a perspective that could benefit what should be his larger objective - that is, to support a healthy landscape.

Why is it acceptable to recreate in nature, but to work in it automatically causes those of Marvel's persuasion to think degradation has occurred?

Mary Ann Sharon

Dillon, Montana

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