Irresponsible journalism

  Dear HCN,

You owe Jon Marvel an apology (HCN, 8/2/99). It was irresponsible of you to have published an unattributed quotation comparing him to a war criminal. As an editor, I consider it a libelous statement.

Jon Marvel is motivated by love of the West - the land and the people, including future generations - in his fine environmental conservation work. You correctly point this out later in your article.

I am a member of Idaho Watersheds Project because I believe in the goals of preserving land and water in the West from overgrazing and because of the smart and imaginative, caring, humorous, calm, and persevering ways Jon Marvel has gone about achieving the goals of environmental conservation.

Teresa Jesionowski

Ithaca, New York

The writer is a senior manuscript editor for Cornell University Press.