America debates and litigates the future of its forests

October 15, 1984

A special issue putting into perspective the last year's timber sales, road building and herbicide spraying, the "threat" of RARE III and other debates over "multiple use."


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The courts are now the forum for resolving forest disputes
The battle against the Forest Service's timber practices is a dispersed guerilla war, fought on local fronts through numerous, sophisticated lawsuits.
A timber man attacks deficit sales
Walter Minnick does not sound like the president of a $100 million a year international timber products industry. The Idaho businessman argues for more wilderness, an end to federal subsidies for logging road construction and increased development of the backcountry recreation industry to replace closed mills.
The search for a true multiple use approach continues to challenge the Forest Service
Are Forest Service inventories today any more accurate, even-handed and comprehensive than they were a decade ago?