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High Country News July 25, 1994


'Unranchers' reach for West's state lands

Conservationists discover state lands and bid against ranchers to lease them.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Wake fire near Paonia, 14 firefighters killed near Glenwood Springs.

Uncommon Westerners

Jim Thrash: A solid man

A eulogy for conservationist Jim Thrash, who died in the Canyon Creek fire.


Fires illuminate the West's "ecological darkness'

Fires in the West raise hard questions about fire suppression policies and forest health.

Baca is still fighting

Jim Baca says in Reno speech that environmental grass roots of West have to be reinvigorated.

Sewage reservoir dogs

A threatened species of prairie dog may burrow through sewage lagoons at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Wyoming boom could gas wildlife herds

A boom in natural gas drilling in Wyoming is happening too fast for wildlife.

No one happy in Hells

Attempts to restrict jetboats in Hells Canyon annoy both jetboaters and environmentalists.

Grizzly road delays

Road closures to improve grizzly habitat raise ire of local residents.

Fish benefit from trade

Rancher Rocky Webb swaps his water rights in a stream for a year's worth of hay to help restore steelhead trout.

Navajo archaeologist honored

Chancey Naboyia, the first known Navajo archaeologist, retires from the National Park Service.

Mega coal mine proposed again in Utah

Andalex Resources Inc. plans huge coal mine on the Kaiparowits Plateau.

Book Reviews

Where wolves roamed

Matt Dietz suggests new potential location for wolf reintroduction.

Strangelove Park

Park Service considers historic preservation of Minuteman silos in South Dakota.

House of Garbage

A new house in Missoula, Mont., showcases recycled building materials.

House of straw

The Last Straw quarterly covers straw-bale housing construction.

Big bad bear

Art exhibit and magazine take on Smokey Bear.

Prairie potholes

Workshop on prairie wetlands set for Bismarck, North Dakota.

A calm book on diet, health and the environment

Peter R. Cheeke's book Impacts of Livestock Production takes a thoughtful look at grazing.


How I tried to patch together a disintegrating world

An energy technician gets an interesting look at trailer-court life in Western Colorado.

Related Stories

Utah kids benefit from state land reform

State land management reforms in Utah raise money for schools.

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