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High Country News June 07, 1999


Mining the past

The history of the copper-mining town of Butte, Mont., sparks a searching meditation on the meaning and value of work and the place it holds now, as the Old West becomes the New West.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

New intern Keri Watson; former forest supervisor, now restaurateur Ernie Nunn; HCN board meeting and potluck in Helena, Mont.


Lions push bighorn onto an island

The California Dept. of Fish and Game plans to restore the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep by moving animals to the haven of Paoha Island in Mono Lake, where they will be safe from mountain lions.

Spare the plow, save the squirrel

Environmentalists have so far failed to get an emergency endangered listing for the Washington ground squirrel as the animal's remaining habitat on the Columbia Plateau in Oregon is rapidly developed by an agricultural corporation.

The Wayward West

This spring 50 wolf cubs born at Yellowstone; In Nev., a bill would allow manufactured homes into exclusive neighborhoods; Gray Ranch, N.M., wants prairie dogs from Mexico; nuclear industry seeks support for Yucca Mtn.; no alcohol in Fort Peck Res., MT.

Armed with alarms

A ranch near Florence, Mont., is experimenting with a new high-tech alarm system designed to scare wolves away from livestock.

Lawsuit may take what's holy

Wyoming Sawmills is suing the Bighorn National Forest over its Historic Preservation Plan, which aims to preserve a Medicine Wheel that is sacred to Native Americans.

Stepping lightly in a sanctuary

At St. Gertrude's Monastery near Cottonwood, Idaho, Sister Carol Ann Wassmuth oversees environmentally sensitive logging.

A park all their own

In Arizona, two businessmen plan to turn the former Paulsell Ranch, an archaeologically rich site bordering Petrified Forest National Park, into a privately owned park they are calling the International Petrified Forest.

Fee fighters blast the Adventure Pass

In Southern California, recreation user-fee opponents are fighting the Forest Service's new "Adventure Pass."

Black Canyon National Park?

Many environmentalists oppose Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell's bill to turn Colorado's Black Canyon National Monument into a national park, because the bill would allow continued hunting, grazing and motorized recreation in some areas.

Fly-in wilderness

Pilots object to a proposed wilderness management plan that would require user fees and permits on flights to airstrips in Idaho's Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

Mountain to get a facelift

Pressured by a Sierra Club lawsuit, the city of Colorado Springs has agreed to clean up streams and wetlands degraded by the city-operated toll road up Pikes Peak.

Court nixes land exchange

In Washington, a federal appeals court has ruled that the controversial Huckleberry Mountain land exchange needs more study.

Miners sneak a rider onto an appropriation for war

The Interior Dept.'s use of a close reading of the 1872 Mining Law to stop the Crown Jewel mine in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington is overturned by a rider tacked on to an appropriations bill in Washington, D.C.

Book Reviews

Can computers solve Indian problems?

A GAO report is critical of the Bureau of Indian Affairs' new Trust Asset Accounting Management System, which is intended to reimburse Native Americans for 112 years of sloppy BIA accounting.

Tragedy on the border

At least 200 young women have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez while on their way home from low-paying jobs at U.S.-owned factories on the Mexican side of the border.

New tools for bird buffs

The "Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas" and a set of CD-Roms called "Better Birdwatching in Colorado" are excellent resources for Colorado birdwatchers.

The real thing

Carla Emery's updated "Encyclopedia of Country Living" is an invaluable textbook on the rural life.

Mountain plover population

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports that mountain plover populations have dropped and proposes listing them as threatened.

Environmental Journalism

Western State College offers a workshop June 24-26 on environmental journalism.

Mann Gulch Fire

The Helena National Forest will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mann Gulch Fire in which 13 firefighters died; Aug. 4-5.

37th Annual Wilderness Walks

The Montana Wilderness Association offers its 37th annual wilderness walks this summer in different areas.

Hands On Colorado: Volunteer Opportunities in 1999

A 64-page guide profiles volunteer opportunities in Colorado.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Utah state seal; "meltable" use area; Las Vegas water cops; Grand Canyon in Colorado?; "antlermania" in Jackson Hole; N.M. epitaphs; extreme snowmobiler in Wyo.; Bart the bison has new home; Celestial Seasonings vs. prairie dogs.

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The Hidden West

Introduction to Edwin Dobb's feature on mining the past in Butte, Montana.

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