Oregon statistics


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Annual per capita income in urban areas: $24,697
... in rural areas: $19,381

Percentage of Oregon adults with a high school degree: 91

Number of one-teacher schools in Oregon: 8

Estimated daily number of visitors to the 43,000-square-foot Powell's Books in Portland: 6,000

Unemployment rate in urban areas: 5.0 percent
... in rural areas: 8.1 percent

Number of Oregonians employed by Boise Cascade: 3,309

Number employed by Wal-Mart: 5,140

Estimated number of coho salmon in Oregon's northern Coast Range in the 1930s: 150,000

Number found in 1997: less than 1,000

Number of Starbucks Coffee stores in Oregon in 1989: 1

Number of Starbucks Coffee stores in Oregon in 1998 (including the one in the Multnomah County Public Library in Portland): 72