Feds study nuke dump near Canyonlands

February 19, 1982

A special issue on Utah, with articles on a proposed nuclear waste disposal facility near Canyonlands National Park, illegal workers, a controversial land swap, and Utah Governor Scott Matheson.


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Feds study nuke dump near Canyonlands
The U.S. Department of Energy may build a nuclear waste storage facility in Davis or Lavender canyons, near Utah's Canyonlands National Park.
Illegals: working their way through Utah
Utah officials are skeptical of federal legislation that would limit the undocumented, illegal workers who figure centrally in the state's agricultural economy.
Trying a "Bold" land swap
Utah Gov. Scott Matheson is requesting a long-delayed federal public land swap, as well as other land exchanges to consolidate Utah's widely dispersed state lands into more manageable blocks.