Wyoming likes what it's got

  Dear HCN,

I just got finished reading the article on Wyoming in your July 6 edition. I would like to point out that Paul Krza fails to mention an important fact about economic development in Wyoming - many people really don't want it. Wyomingites hate the New West. They would rather have the big empty prairie to themselves and just deal with low wages and meager economic opportunities. While Colorado and Montana are growing and experiencing rapid economic change, Wyoming doesn't want that. I'm not advocating either way, but I just spent two years in grad school at the University of Wyoming and learned pretty quickly that the state is distinctly different than its neighbors - for better or for worse.

Mr. Krza can list all the economic statistics he wants about how far Wyoming lags behind, and they are probably valid. But people in Wyoming expect and cope with that - just so long as the place doesn't turn into a giant Jackson. And yes, I had to leave to get a job in my chosen field!!

Toby Sprunk

Castle Rock, Colorado