Leeches and cod liver oil

  Ever wonder if you could have survived the measles epidemics and the streets that ran with sewage in the West's early days? An exhibit of over 200 artifacts from the 1880s to World War II at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Ore., might test your imagination. The exhibit features an "aroma interactive" of Native American herbs and ointments, an early electroshock device, hooks for extracting teeth and even live leeches. "This may be the first exhibit we've had that specifically attracts the attention of junior high-age boys," says the museum's Jack Cooper. The year-long exhibit grew from the private collections of doctors with support from the St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, which began as an emergency hospital for two timber companies. Contact the High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend, OR 97702-7963 (541/382-4754).